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Benji and Davidson Transfer of Power to CODR

Well I guess good things come to those who wait. And everyone knows how patient we cats can be! I've been bugging this canine Benji (yes, a dog!) for three years to help me do what he does (no, not raise my leg or chase cars). Benji is editor in chief for the Dogs on Death Row website ( Well, all good for dogs, I kept telling him (also adopted by my parents) but what about us felines? Who's making a big deal speaking for us and saving our necks from the noose? I said, "You wanna be safe from my claws and arrogance, put your money where your mouth is!" So he said yeh, yeh, woof woof (whatever) about helping do the same for cats, but hey, what cat in their right mind would believe a word of that? Trust a DOG?!?! Well, surprise surprise, and be still my suspicious-of-all-dogs heart, he did what any challenged canine would do -- he attacked it with a vengeance!

So I am very proud to announce (and humble to be) the spokesperson for... (drumroll please!) CATS ON DEATH ROW.ORG!!!!!!!!!

I'm a very lucky cat...rescued by my wonderful Mom and Dad three years ago from the streets. When we finally got the family dynamics figured out, (after I came out from under the bed two weeks later) I knew I was safe and loved. Come to find out my parents were devoted to dog rescue and even had a charity called Dogs on Death Row. Of course canines aren't my favorite species of the animal kingdom, but, hey all of God's creatures deserve dignity and humane treatment. Spaying and neutering are simple acts of kindness that will save millions of homeless and mistreated animals from ending up on the streets or in shelters or worse, dying from starvation and disease. Adoption and rescue are the only way to undo the harm that could have been prevented. Surely, there are those people who love and care for their pets who find themselves in situations all too familiar in these troubled times...loosing a home, job, income, even health can create a situation for a pet that has been loved and cared for. Shelters are a last resort for those who have no other option.

Wouldn't it be nice if all cats had a happy healthy home where they could enjoy a nice plate of tuna like me?? So, if you feel like I do (and who in their right mind wouldn't?), and you want to help save many cats from certain death, click the "Help" link below to make a donation to Cats on Death Row!

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